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Notes in Spanish Gold – Season Two

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Notes in Spanish Gold – Season TwoIf you’re visiting Bolivia, then there is a definite advantage in being able to speak Spanish. Not only is English less spoken in many places, but it can give you an advantage over other tourists when arranging a taxi fare, or buying something in a shop as it’s often one price for the tourists, but a slightly lower price for tourists who speak Spanish.

One of the online courses that we recommend for improving your language skills is Notes in Spanish, which offers downloadable audio, accompanied by worksheets containing transcripts, vocabulary lists, explanations of grammar and tasks for you to complete. There are different levels, so you are likely to find it useful whatever stage your Spanish skills are at.

This week sees the start of the second season on Notes in Spanish Gold. For just €17* per month you receive a weekly audio file with the relevant worksheet on topics that are often connected to current events going on in the World.

So if you’re past the stage of asking your way to the Mercado, and would like to learn some more advanced – even colloquial – Spanish, then take a look at Notes in Spanish Gold.

* sales within the EU are liable to 18% VAT; price subject to change


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