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Another referendum in Bolivia

President Morales has announced that the people of Bolivia are to get the chance to vote in a referendum on the future constitution of the country.  The referendum is due to take place on 7th December.

The big question is: will this be the final decision on a number of policitcal issues?

One of the changes concerns the re-election of the Bolivian President.  If he wins the vote, President Morales could be re-elected a number of times more than is currently allowed.  I for one am wondering why such a step is necessary.  After all, other countries have rules to stop a President from ruling ad infinitum, and it probably does them good to have a change very few years.  Removing this rule in Bolivia would surely be a step backwards?

The other major issue is that of autonomy for some of Bolivia’s wealther regions – something that was partially voted on back in May of this year, although the result was not recognised a national level.

So will it be different this time around?  Will the people get to chose more autonomy for their regions, as long as they agree to an indefinite number of terms for the President?

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5 Responses to “Another referendum in Bolivia”

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  2. Gerald Jimenez Says:

    Coming from Australia where there is no such limitation on a prime minister to stand for election – I don’t see any real problem. After all the people will either vote for him to either stay or leave, that is democracy.

    If the people like a president and the believe he is doing a good job for the country then he should be allowed to stay. However, I do believe that 5 years is too long and they should consider changing this to 4 years. This will give the people a chance to review his performance at a reasonable time without interrupting his economic plan.

  3. graham Says:

    I don’t think the general idea as such is a problem, but the fact that the country has had a turbulent past with its presidents and that the people are asking why this change should be necessary. What benefit will they have from it?

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